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Legend of the Rune Lords is Now Available on XBLIG!

Check out the official Xbox Marketplace entry below:

Legend of the Rune Lords is in Peer Review for XBLIG

My first XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Games) game is up for peer review on the XNA Creator’s Club! Once it passes peer review, “Legend of the Rune Lords” will be available for download from the Indie Games section of Xbox Live on the Xbox 360.
“Legend of the Rune Lords” is a short […]

Programming Tips: Organize Long Functions

Conventional wisdom and a lot of research on programming practices generally agree that functions that are short enough not to need to be scrolled are easier to read and less prone to error. Of course, in practice, it’s more often than not that the typical programmer finds themselves writing functions often several pages in […]

Programming Tips: Assign Properly Typed Literals

Do you know the difference between the following two statements?

float myVal = 1.0;

float myVal = 1.0f;

If your best answer is: “There’s an ‘f’ after the 1.0,” then this tip is for you.

Programming Tips: Make your Booleans Readable

The boolean variable is one of the simplest programming constructs in the programmer’s toolbox. Just two values: true or false. Throw it in an IF statement to execute one set of code in favor of another. Of course, things never seem to stay so simple once multiple conditions begin to overlap and […]

Programming Tips: Take a Walk

This is a simple tip that is important for programmers both novice and experienced:
When you run into a programming problem you just can’t seem to solve, take a walk.
Indeed, a major difference between experienced and novice programmers is often how much time they spend attacking a problem before they make the crucial decision to step […]

Programming Tips: Const Correctness

Const correctness, the disciplined use of const modifiers when declaring variables and functions, is a practice that most experienced programmers would tell you is a good idea. However, const correctness often ends up being a technique that many programmers never actually use, even when they know they should. The is due in a […]

Programming Tips: Know your UML Class Diagram Relationships

The various types of relationships used between classes in UML class diagrams represent many of the ways classes and other objects can interact in actual code. As such, having a working knowledge of these relationships and the kind of source code they can represent can be extremely useful. When you figure out what […]

Chainsaw-gun versus Salary-man

Blurry photos from a Famitsu in the office, creative uses for lazy coworkers in a Gears of War workplace:

Germany loves Lips!

Or at least, that’s what I’m lead to believe from the results of this year’s BÄM! awards at Gamescom in Kölner. Looks like we managed to get the audience vote for best Party game.

For those with a working knowledge of German, the press release is here.
The site for the award show is here.

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