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Video Game Market Japan: Still Shrinkin’

Hey look, a typical display of DVDs of Japanese musical idol groups, the kind of thing you see all over Japan:

Except, something doesn’t feel quite right… Oh yeah! This is the bottom floor of the Tsutaya in Shibuya. The floor that used to be dedicated totally to video games. Demo kiosks, […]

Burger Time: That Which Should Not Be

In celebration of the release of Windows 7, Burger King has released the following monstrosity in Japan:

A 7-patty Whopper for 777 yen. God help us.

Chainsaw-gun versus Salary-man

Blurry photos from a Famitsu in the office, creative uses for lazy coworkers in a Gears of War workplace:

Hamster Ball

I ran into a rather unexpected bit of culture shock this weekend while watching TV with Mutsumi. Disney’s latest 3D animal flick “Bolt” has hit Tokyo and primetime television is loaded with commercials for the new movie. The lead cast of the film is made up of TV superstar dog Bolt, cat Mittens, […]

Long-lost Brother Found

Together, at last:

Five Tips for the Frugal Foreigner in Japan

Living in Japan, especially Tokyo, is an infamously expensive affair. For the most part, this is true. Apartments are expensive, food is expensive, clothes are expensive. Even with that being the case, there are several simple tricks you can use to shave precious yen off your weekly spending.

More Silly Japanese God of War PR

Apparently in the months leading up to the Japanese release of God of War: Chains of Olympus”, Capcom ran a contest having people fill in dialogue bubbles in God of War screenshots. Here are a few choice entries:

–Okay sir, how would you like your shave?
–Nice and close, please.

Salaryman of War

This ad in Famitsu for the Japanese version of “God of War: Chains of Olympus” for the PSP really tickled me:

I’m not sure what about this ad I like better: the flame-rimmed salaryman going batshit with the Blades of Chaos or the ad copy proclaiming this game a remedy for today’s stressful Japanese workplace.


In Japan, people generally assume that anything coming out of the United States is larger than its equivalent in Japan (cars, restaurant serving sizes, people, etc.) Now, while it would be ridiculous to assume that this rule applies to everything coming out of the States, every once in a while you find something that […]

Five tips for exchanging business cards in Japan

Exchanging business cards, or meishi (名刺), is a staple of doing business in Japan. It’s not necessary to be versed in all the nuances of business card exchange, but, like a firm handshake, a clean and confident exchange of meishi can leave a good impression on a potential business partner.
Here are a five tips […]

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