Category Archive: Cat Naps

Misia, Meet Max

So, they call you Max, right?

Misia’s Got a New Book

I got a new book! Wanna see? Wanna see?

Misia on her perch

Hi! I bet you thought you could sneak up on me. Not when I’m in my watch tower. I see all!

The Misia Code

Oh hey, long time no see. Me? Oh, I wasn’t do anything suspicious at all.

Misia’s special delivery

Sigh, I’m just waiting for the mailman to get here. I always get so sleepy when I’m waiting…

Misia’s hiding place

You know, it’s not like I’m hiding or anything. I’m just having my special box time.

Misia’s playtime

I’m not all work and no play. I know how to have a good time too. Sometimes, I get some exercise by playing with my toys.

Misia’s beauty sleep

A girl’s beauty sleep is very important.

Misia’s treat

Today, there will be no posts until I get a treat!

Misia helps with the diet

Today I’m helping my humans stay on their diet.

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