Legend of the Rune Lords, July Sales Figures

The numbers are in for July, the first month for Legend of the Rune Lords being completely off the Xbox Live Marketplace dashboard. As one might expect, the numbers for July are down compared to June, generally about a quarter of the figures from LotRL’s initial month. The numbers are low, but not insignificant. It seems that Legend of the Rune Lords has some legs. Short stubby little ones, but legs none the less.

On with the numbers:

Legend of the Rune Lords
Sales figures for July 2010
Trials: 391
Purchases: 131
Purchase/Trial Ratio: 33.50 %

On a day-by-day basis, the trials and sales come out a little something like this:
LotRL July Sales

It’s hard to draw too many conclusions from a limited data sample like this one. With an average of about 4 sales a day, the coincidental addition or loss of a couple sales on any given day can cause significant fluctuations in the graph without there being an accompanying significant event.

There does however seem to be an interesting sawtooth pattern, especially towards the end of the chart, with sales bouncing up-and-down from day to day. Again, this may just be a result of the small numbers involved, but the lack of any significant plateaus make me wonder if this is an accurate representation of the purchasing pattern for LotRL or the side-effect of the accounting methods used to calculate the sales logged for any given day on Xbox Live Indie Games.

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